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Big Ol’ Update Thingy!

Big Ol’ Update Thingy! published on No Comments on Big Ol’ Update Thingy!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last update and dodging Covid plus Family Issues plus a MUCH NEEDED vacation have been keeping me CRAZY. I hope you all have been staying safe and being well in spite of the world being a mess right now.

So there’s a big ol’ update here that, for once, isn’t school related. Go fig!

The most important update is the portfolio! I’ve finally added the covers for Sonic the Hedgehog #48 and #50 to it. A special note on Sonic #50, I’ve also taken the time to include the full colorless inks AND the full inks to the interior part of the cover as well. I’m particularly proud of this one since it was so freaking complicated so I hope you have a chance to appreciate all the work that went into it!

Next, I’ve FINALLY **FINALLY** updated the sidebar with my most recent works for both IDW Sonic and Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series. Particularly with three books not part of the Masters collection — “For Whom the Doorbell Tolls”, “Bear Mountain Tales”, and “The Disney Afternoon Collection: Vol.1”. The first is a collection of of loose comic adaptations of Ernest Hemingway tales featuring Disney characters, the second is a collection of all the Bear Mountain related Uncle Scrooge stories across a gigantic number of decades, and the last is a collection of Disney Afternoon/Disney Adventures comics of which I did the official translation for “A Goofy Movie”. I’ve got localization work in all three books! Hope you enjoy it!


I’m thinking of updating Chip and Walter and Time Trouble again. I’ve built up a pretty decent buffer but haven’t found the time to really do so. Real life writes the plot. Hahaha! All I need to do is color the pages and I’m wondering if its worth it to do flats so I can go faster? We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll let you know here what I decide to do but I thought it worth mentioning.

AND THAT’S THAT. Hope the remainder of the year treats you all well and I’ll update this when I have more to say! Take care of yourself

Massive Update: Principles of Cartooning I (Fall 2021): Syllabus + Portfolio & Solicits

Massive Update: Principles of Cartooning I (Fall 2021): Syllabus + Portfolio & Solicits published on No Comments on Massive Update: Principles of Cartooning I (Fall 2021): Syllabus + Portfolio & Solicits

Hello to all my new students and to everyone else who happens to see this update!

It’s been a LONG pandemic and with everything and anything that’s happened since our last update, I’ve admittedly let my website fall a bit behind. Time to rectify that!

First of all, to my new students, welcome! I hope you’re enjoying your first days of school!

As we discussed in class–you can find your new, updated full-color class syllabus (as a PDF) as well as a proper breakdown of my office hours to the left sidebar. Alternately, you can also download the PDF here just in case.

We should be able to discuss everything that we’ll need in both Canvas and our weekly Zoom meetings. If you have any questions, please check the discussion module created on our Course homepage, ask me in class, or email me directly! Let’s make some great comics!

As for everyone else — there’s been some key updates to the portfolio portion of my page. I’ve added the bald covers for Sonic 31 and 37, as well as the raw inks for 37 as well! Enjoy!

Also, the sidebar solicits have been updated entirely. As IDW no longer has the rights to standard Disney comics, that section has been completely removed. In its place I’ve updated all the Fantagraphics Disney Masters with all the four most recent books that I’ve localized and translated to date. I’ve also updated all the IDW Sonic solicits up to 37. A new one is coming, but I can’t post it for a while.

As far as webcomics go — Chip and Walter and Time Trouble will remain on pause probably until the month is up. By then I should have my deadlines done and completed. Then I’m going to start working on it again as well. Updates wont resume for a while but if I can get the backlog that I have in placed colored they’ll most likely resume before years end. And that’s that!

Take care! I hope you all have been well while we each personally deal with what’s happened in our lives lately. I hope my little corner of the internet brings you some joy.

Take care!

New Disney Masters Solicits!

New Disney Masters Solicits! published on No Comments on New Disney Masters Solicits!

Hello all!

The latest solicits for Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series are now up on the sidebar. You can see “Donald Duck: Scandal on the Epoch Express” and all four chapters of “Mickey Mouse and The Ice Sword Saga” (Books 1 and 2) on the sidebar!

My contributions are Chapters 1 and 3 for the Ice Sword books, and several assorted stories for the Scandal book. Click on the images to order directly from Fantagraphics’ website! Enjoy!

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