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It's a Patreon Post!

✪ Patreon is a GO!

✪ Patreon is a GO! published on No Comments on ✪ Patreon is a GO!

Hiya, gang!

As promised, in addition to today’s Time Trouble update, I’ve finally finished the second part of my website launch and opened my Patreon! You can find a link to it here and on the right sidebar of each page!

From now on, when you see the symbol to the right located anywhere on the comic, you’ll know that there’s a corresponding patreon post that will go with it!

Beyond that, everything that you need to know about my Patreon is on the page itself! I’ve taken the time to outline all my current goals and reward tiers. In addition to that, the first blog post is free to everyone! This way you can get a good idea of what to expect from it, and me, in the future!

I hope everything there is sufficient and up to snuff. If you have any ideas or special things you’d like to see on it, please respond and let me know!

I hope Labor Day finds everyone well. take care!

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