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Hey! It's me!Jonathan H. Gray is a cartoonist from Birmingham, Alabama who has studied animation and illustration extensively and worked in the art field since 1997. He briefly attended Tennessee State University where he served as TSU’s first cartoonist and eventually, Visual Arts Manager on the editorial board of its college newspaper “The Meter.” From there, earned his bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer Arts and Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Completing his matriculation at SCAD, he continued his education further by earning his master’s degree in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York, New York where he finished his schooling and entered the workforce.

Jonathan’s numerous publishing credits involved working with Archie Comics, SEGA and Capcom for almost 10 years on their respective Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, Sonic Boom and Mega Man video game comic book series’ as an artist, occasional writer, production assistant and eventually, Assistant Editor for all of the titles in the Archie Action line plus assorted trades and crossovers. This included but was not limited to:

* Maintaining, correcting and preparing all assorted Archie Action Titles for print.
* Spearheading the visual direction/graphic design of Sonic Super Digest at it’s inception, almost in its entirety.
* Building a coherent internal art archive from scratch and providing restoration on both classic and modern artwork.
* Acting as Production Assistant for Archie’s primary line of newsstand digests.

My first cover for IDW's "Uncle Scrooge" series
Uncle Scrooge #2 Cover, Colors by Jake Myler

Jonathan has also worked for 10 years with higher profile comic companies such as Fantagraphics, Egmont Norway, Gladstone/Gemstone, Boom Studios and IDW Publishing on their many licensed Disney Comics series. He has contributed monthly localization and translations, written historical articles about Disney Comics history and drawn an assortment of covers for well-known series’ such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Duck Avenger, Uncle Scrooge, DuckTales, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, Walt Disney Showcase, Snow White and many, many more.

In 2001, Jonathan began work on of his two creator-owned web comics Chip and Walter and Time Trouble. Opting to grow and hone his craft more, he set them aside to pursue his professional career in earnest. In 2017, he used what knowledge he’d learn in the industry to relaunch both of his comics on the pages you see today. He is incredibly proud of these works and nurtures their growth alongside his own growth in both his career and personal life.

Jonathan briefly stepped into the field of education in his home community of Birmingham, teaching assorted high school classes and doing English tutoring. In 2016-17, he moved up to work on the college level in the Cartooning Department at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York as an educator, training the next generation of cartoonists in the same craft he has lovingly spent so many years continuing to learn and master.

Jonathan uses his work not just to entertain or make people think and laugh, but also to discuss social issues and encourage creator’s rights. His published articles and personal comics have discussed race, gender and equality as best as he can muster on those topics. His attitude is that if he has been lucky enough to be blessed with a platform then it is his duty to speak-up, educate, learn, grow and equally — give back to his community the best way he knows how.

Although he was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Jonathan has lived all across the Southeast United States including Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Huntsville and Nashville. After his graduation he briefly moved to Los Angeles, ultimately choosing to set up shop in the general New York and New Jersey areas. He currently resides in East Orange, New Jersey where he has lived for 10 years.

Jonathan has an assortment of family and friends that he loves, but he credits his mother with getting him started on his path. She has encouraged and supported him above and beyond in both the good times and the bad, lighting a fire underneath him when he desperately needed it. Without her guidance and wisdom, his progress to date would not have been possible. He is eternally thankful to her for that to the extent that every piece of art and written word on these pages are dedicated to her.

For a complete listing of Jonathan’s published works to date, please see the Works page.

For a look at Jonathan’s portfolio, please see the link to his Behance profile or check out his web comics (both located in the sidebars)

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