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New Disney Masters Solicits!

New Disney Masters Solicits! published on No Comments on New Disney Masters Solicits!

Hello all!

The latest solicits for Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series are now up on the sidebar. You can see “Donald Duck: Scandal on the Epoch Express” and all four chapters of “Mickey Mouse and The Ice Sword Saga” (Books 1 and 2) on the sidebar!

My contributions are Chapters 1 and 3 for the Ice Sword books, and several assorted stories for the Scandal book. Click on the images to order directly from Fantagraphics’ website! Enjoy!

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Portfolio! (And Other Updates)

Portfolio! (And Other Updates) published on No Comments on Portfolio! (And Other Updates)

It’s been a long time since my last website update but I’ve finally got my new portfolio up and ready on my website as promised! You can either click the hyperlink or access it via the main menu across the top.

It took me forever to build this but the ultimate goal was to move all of my most important artwork from Behance and DeviantArt to a more professional, personal area where I can keep better control of it. Right now only the pictures (with credit descriptions) are up. Within a few more weeks I’ll gradually add more detailed descriptors.

The other nice thing about this is that all of my current work from IDW Sonic is here (plus a few other things that weren’t available on the previously mentioned unlinked sites). Not everything will migrate over because I want this to be a professional sampling of my best works.

For those that may have popped in here from time to time, you’ll also notice that the right sidebar has been updated with my latest works from Disney Comics/Fantagraphics and IDW Publishing. I’ve been updating it here and there for anyone who finds their way to my page. This includes having updated my Published Works page to include more info on IDW Sonic.

Please enjoy and I’ll note here when other updates are made. I’ll most likely try to update “Chip and Walter” and “Time Trouble” again once things settle down. Take care and thanks for visiting!

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