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Listed below is a select gallery of my professional work dating from 2010 to current. Please click a link below to browse to the section you’d like or scroll through.

Coloring credits, where applicable, are noted on each item’s individual gallery page.

IDW Sonic Covers | Disney Comics Covers | Archie Sonic Covers | Lineart | The Off-Panels

IDW Sonic Covers

Disney Covers

Archie Sonic Covers


The Off-Panels


When I was in middle school, this was one of the websites that I used to pour over on my goddamn PSP. Glad it’s still up and that you’re still doing awesome work.

That said, I will one day be on my death bed at age 109 and when my relatives ask me if I have any regrets, I’ll say, “I should’ve… right clicked and saved… the Finitevus concept art from….”

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